Are you on your way to us?

We, at Mobiterm AB, are a company specialized in wireless datacommunications, often to mobile units but even to machines and different stationary subjects. On these pages we give you a small overview of what we are doing.

In summary we can say:
- We know WIRELESS datacommunications. (We have the knowledge and the experience.)
- We DEVELOPE our baseproducts ourselves. (We know what they can do.)
- In our products we develop NEW TECHNICAL IDEAS (for our customers economy and security).
- We give FREE CHOICE and sell as components or complete systems. (Easy to get functionality.)
- We are a STABLE company and have worked 17 years in mobile data. (We will continue.)
- We support our products for a LARGE NUMBER OF YEARS. (Welcome back.)
- We even do CUSTOMIZATION. (Please, be back with your wishes.)
- We donīt mind to COOPERATE with colleagues and competitors. (It is fun with wireless.)

Depending of what you are interested in, the pages can be read in different orders. Would you like to be inspired please start with "applications" and "hints". If you are more interested in reading facts about our products, then "brief" might be a good start.

Our new software Mail2SMS will be released in September. Read more on our pages.